The Cookout

Somehow my summer subletters—all friends from marching band—came into possession of a tiny grill last week. No one is quite sure where it came from. It might belong to a former renter, or one of my housemates who is elsewhere for the summer. But in an uncharacteristic fit of socialist idealism, we decided that silly matters like ownership were less important than serving the communal good—which in this instance meant having a cookout and inviting the whole band.

It wasn’t too much effort on our part. There were apparently hamburgers and hot dogs that had been sitting around the Band Room refrigerator and were up for grabs, and we already had squash and zucchini; we just had to buy buns, condiments, and some red peppers and we were all set

About half an hour before the guests were set to arrive, summer housemate Julia and I started preparing the veggies. We cut them up and tossed them with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and some Italian spice mixture. In retrospect we probably should have done that a few hours earlier so they could have marinated for a while, but I guess we spontaneous college students can’t plan that far ahead.

We went outside and waited for people to start showing up. Julia held the bowl of veggies and pondered. Meanwhile, summer housemate Marina fired up the grill.


The vegetables were basically a success. I suspect they might have been better if they’d cooked longer at a lower heat, but I really know nothing about grilling. It is not a thing my parents ever did at home. Anyway I ate a lot of vegetables so they must have been at least moderately tasty.

We drew a pretty good crowd for a crappy little backyard, but fortunately we had plenty of food for everyone. We even had veggie burgers for our lovely vegetarians, and recent graduate Jessica brought beer (locally brewed IPA in a can – pretty cool).

Pretty girl, pretty burger

Dead ladies!

I can’t speak for the hamburgers or hot dogs because I too had a veggie burger, but I guess people liked them.


Dan is too cool for his burger

Dan, though he may look too cool for our burgers, even ate three.


1 Response to “The Cookout”

  1. 1 Aaron June 18, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    Cool! I didn’t know that red table stood up.

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